Shlomo Sam Spaeth

Shlomo Sam Spaeth

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First Name * Shlomo
Last Name * Sam Spaeth
Username * spaeth1
Country * United States
City New York




MOA Let us help you visualize your pharmacological mechanism of action. Animating the molecule, illuminating the binding site, and following the cellular pathway as the compound produces its biological effect on the body.

MOD Disease progression occurs on all biological levels, from the molecular, to the cellular through the specific gross systems and across body systems. Help educate your audience with visual representation of disease states and progression with the visual aid of animation and illustrations.

Medical Device rendering Having invested so much on the research and development of your medical device, showcase all that it is made of. Data Visualization Let us work together to turn your data into engaging interactive graphics.

Advertising / Marketing, Editorial, Education, Stock, Technology, Web, Medical-Legal

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